Coyotes have been in our city for many years but recently they are becoming bolder and have been sighted in local parks.  I have held several sessions for residents who are concerned about the safety of their family and pets and education and information has been provided by experts.
Most requests are for the city Animal Services to remove them.  This is not as easy as it may seem as we are restricted by legislation from the province.
The law says that wildlife relocation is regulated in Ontario under the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act.  If an animal is captured it must be released unharmed in close proximity to the capture site (within 1 km) or, if sick or injured, delivered to a licensed wildlife rehabilitator within 24 hours unless otherwise directed by the Ministry.

This restricts what our Animal Services staff can do under this law.  Removing an animal 1 km from the site still leaves it within the neighbourhood and as live trapping is almost impossible, the use of leg traps and snares could cause harm to other animals or people.  Click here for information from the Ministry of Natural Resources about relocation of wildlife.  As well, click here to visit the Ministry of Natural Resources website.

I urge everyone to report if you see a coyote by calling 311 immediately so that our staff can come out to determine if the animal is sick, in which case they can take measures.  They will also observe the area and the animal once they have reports.  Click here to to learn how you can protect yourself, your family and your property while avoiding animal conflicts.