Twinning of the West Trunk Sewer (Erin Mills / Britannia) Update

I know that motorists are getting frustrated at the reduced lanes and delays at the intersection of Erin Mills and Britannia.  Region staff advise me that the work is now moving to south of the intersection in the median. The work is part of the sewer installation along Erin Mills.  The plan was to tunnel the entire length but conditions required some above ground work at this location.  All lanes will be opened as the work moves south.  The contractor completed work on the last dewatering well in February 2016 and opened the northbound through lane on Erin Mills Parkway and the east bound dual left turn lane on Britannia Road.  One of the southbound dual left turn lanes will remain closed to provide access and the equipment required to operate the dewatering wells in the centre median.  If you live in the affected area click here to read the notice you would have received in early February 2016 about this long term project.  Weekly updates are available on the home page of this website.

Revised May 30, 2017

Britannia Road Construction

The final section of Britannia Road, from Winston Churchill Blvd. to Erin Mills Parkway is being rehabilitated in 2017. This work includes construction of a concrete sidewalk on the south side of Britannia Road from Paddle Road to Glen Erin Drive. The existing sidewalk on the north side of Britannia Road from Winston Churchill Blvd to Erin Mills Parkway will be replaced with a 2.5 – 3.0 meter (8 – 10 foot) asphalt multi use trail.  I have asked staff to maintain the road side ditches/shallow swale along Britannia Road if possible to incorporate more environmentally friendly drainage systems.  Weekly updates are available on the home page of this website.

Revised May 30, 2017

Watermain Replacement Project

The Region is replacing watermains on certain streets in Ward 9 within the next two years.  If your street is on the list, you may wish to delay any major landscaping or driveway works you may have planned until after the work has been completed. Please click here for the list of streets and the notice mailed to residents who live on these streets.  Revised February 10, 2017


Road Resurfacing

The following streets will be resurfaced under the 2017 Road Resurfacing Contract.  Alfresco Terrace, Arles Mews, Cherbourg Gardens, Miller’s Grove, Ridgeland Cres, Spring Creek Cres, Sundown Cir, Tamar Mews, Trodheim Cres, Vantage Cir. For more info, click here.  This work is anticipated to be completed prior to November 30, 2017.  Updated May 7, 2017


Multi-use Trail – multi-use trail has been installed on the north side of Thomas Street between Winston Churchill Blvd and Erin Mills Parkway.  Click here to see a colour map of the area.  The project was completed in July 2017.

Revised July 10, 2017

The  Ministry of Transportation advised that repair work was done on the underpass of Erin Mills Parkway at the 403. The work started in May 2016 and ended on June 30, 2017.Please click here for up to date information.

Revised March 27, 2014.

Please click here to review a list of Ward 9 streets that will be resurfaced in 2014. Work is scheduled to commence in April 2014 and is anticipated to be complete prior to November 1, 2014.

2013 Projects for Ward 9

Revised June 13, 2013

Please click here to review a list of Ward 9 streets that will be resurfaced this year.

Notice of construction: Twinning of West Trunk Sewer, Contract 1 (Updated June 5, 2013). For construction details and map, click here. Construction is scheduled to commence on or about June 10, 2013 and will take approximately 3 years to complete.

2012 Projects for Ward 9

Revised May 2012

Streetsville Pumping Station and Reservoir

Phase 1 of the Streetsville Pumping Station and Reservoir project is substantially complete and the reservoir is in use.

Phase 2 will start in April 2012 and will be completed by October 2013. Works include:

  • Construction of a new pumping station building
  • Rehabilitation of the existing 24ML reservoir
  • Construction of yard piping and valve chambers
  • Upgrades to the sewage disposal system
  • Restoration and landscaping

Work will take place mainly from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., Monday to Friday. The contractor may need to work at night and/or on weekends to minimize the impact to the water system or to advance the schedule.

The northern section of the leash-free Q Park will be closed during phase 2 construction. There will be some disruption of southbound traffic on Erin Mills Parkway.

Ward 9 Local Distribution Works

Watermains that will be replaced on the following streets:

Currently under construction—to be completed early summer 2012

Street From To
Plum Tree Crescent Vanderbilt Road Vanderbilt Road
Vanderbilt Road Tenth Line West Winston Churchill Boulevard

Construction to start in May 2012

Street From To
Cheega Court Windwood Drive End
Chidham Crescent Windwood Drive Windwood Drive
Featherhead Crescent Windwood Drive Windwood Drive
Oshkin Court Cheega Court End
Windwood Drive Glen Erin (N) Erin Mills Parkway

Construction to start late summer, early fall 2012

Street From To
Dolmage Aquitaine Avenue Olympus Mews
Edenwood Drive Olympus Mews Aquitaine Avenue
Olympus Mews Aquitaine Avenue End
Anderson Crescent Farmstead Lane Farmstead Lane
Anderson Court Farmstead Lane End
Arnett Court Millers Grove End
Bartholomew Crescent Millers Grove Millers Grove
Chamberlain Ct Millers Grove Tenth Line West
Colebrook Court Millers Grove Arnett Court
Colebrook Crescent Millers Grove End
Keynes Crescent Farmstead Lane Farmstead Lane
Kindree Circle Millers Grove Millers Grove
McCarron Crescent Millers Grove Millers Grove
Millers Grove Battleford Road Farmstead Lane

Works under design; construction dates to be advised

Street From To
Bilbao Lane Gananoque Drive End
Gananoque Drive Shelter Bay Road Montevideo Road
Glen Erin Drive Derry Rd West Gananoque Drive
Torquay Mews Truner Valley Road End
Willowmore Way Glen Erin Drive End
Andorra Circle Windwood Drive Windwood Drive
Bucklepost Crescent Windwood Drive Windwood Drive
Inlake Court Glen Erin Drive Glen Erin Drive
Oka Road Edenwood Drive Windwood Drive
Paddle Road Britannia Road West Windwood Drive
Starfield Crescent Windwood Drive (S) End
Townwood Court Windwood Drive End

Easement from Townwood Court to Inlake Court through Millgrove Park

Enersource Works

2012 Start Date Duration
Los Palmas (2011 Carryover) Mar-26 5 weeks
Glen Erin/Gananoque Apr-30 8 weeks

City Construction Information