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Meeting Agenda

6719 Glen Erin Drive Meeting Agenda for December 1


Development Application:  6719 Glen Erin Drive Update

A Ward 9 virtual community meeting will be held on Tuesday, December 1st at 6:30pm – 8:00pm on WebEx. Participation details are as below:

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 The City has recently received an application to change the approved use of the lands at 6719 Glen Erin Drive.  You will recall Council previously approved the application for 83 townhouses on this site in 2017 but the owner did not proceed with construction. 

 This new application is for an Official Plan amendment and rezoning as follows:

  • build a 12 storey apartment building with 184 units
  • build 5 blocks of townhouses, 3 storeys in height, total of 33 units
  • retain existing apartment building which contains 179 units
  • total dwelling units proposed for the site is 396 dwelling units (includes existing bldg.)
  • total Floor Space Index (FSI) 1.98

 The current Official Plan designates the lands as Residential High Density, Special Site 2, Meadowvale Neighbourhood Character Area which permits a maximum floor space index (FSI) of 1.4.  The current Zoning By-law, RA4-45 permits apartments, townhouse and back to back and stacked townhouses. The maximum number of townhouses and back to back stacked townhouses permitted is 83 units. The maximum gross floor area (GFA) that is permitted is 25,300 m2 (272,335.84 sq. ft.).

This is very early in the process but, as always, I want to have the applicant show the proposal to the community so I can hear comments and get your input before the application is processed over the coming months under the provincial planning regulations.  I do not expect a formal Public Meeting at the Planning and development Committee until early 2021.

Updated development plans:

2614_20-08-18 Site Plan 

6719 Glen Erin Drive – Site Plan

Updated November 10. 2020


No recent activity.  The applicant has not submitted a site plan application in support of this development.  Staff have had no contact with the applicant since finalizing the Section 37 – Community Benefits Agreement.


Updated October 22. 2019


There is no start date yet or any recent activity for the 83 condominium townhouses and stacked at 6719 Glen Erin Drive that was approved in September, 2015.  I have had meetings with residents and staff to determine what Section 37 benefits we will be planning for.  Section 37 in the Planning Act allows the city to acquire funding based on the increased value of a development property.


This money will be spent in the immediate community and based on resident feedback will include park trail improvements, playground upgrades, adult fitness, tree planting and improvements at Lake Aquitaine Park including the underpass at Aquitaine Avenue.  Once designs have been prepared for these upgrades I will post them for your information.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email me or contact me by phone at 905-896-5900. Click on the below links to view the concept plans for 6719 Glen Erin Drive:
APPENDIX R-4 Page 1 6719 Glen Erin Drive
APPENDIX R-4 Page 2 6719 Glen Erin Drive
APPENDIX R-4 Page 3 6719 Glen Erin Drive
APPENDIX R-3 6719 Glen Erin Drive
APPENDIX R-5 6719 Glen Erin Drive
Updated:  October 1, 2019 


New Paramedic Reporting Station NOW OPEN!

The Region of Peel has built a new Paramedic Station at the southeast corner of Erin Mills Parkway and Thomas Street.  I had the pleasure of attending the grand opening on September 24th, 2019.

The station is located in Ward 11 but I am advising Ward 9 residents so that they are aware. Click here and here to view the plans. Click here to view information about Peel Regional Paramedic Services.

Updated October 22, 2019.

6550 Glen Erin Drive Proposed Development

The applicant is seeking to amend the Official Plan and Zoning By-law (OZ 17/010 W9) to permit a new 12 storey residential building with 208 rental apartments with a 2 storey podium adjacent to the existing apartment building for a total density of 108 units per acre. The proposal has been amended to 174 rental apartment units for a total density of 97 units per acre, including a re-configuration of the building location to address staff/agency comments to date. This third resubmission was made by the applicant on February 15, 2019.   An information report was presented to the Planning and Development Committee  on February 5, 2018.  Planning and Building Department staff presented a positive Recommendation Report to Planning and Development Committee on June 14, 2019 that was approved.  The applicant has subsequently initiated the Section 37 (Community Benefits) process that will be presented to Council in the form of a report when they are further along in the process.

Updated October 22, 2019

2735 Argentia Road

A 1 Storey, 1,533 square metre (16,500 sq. ft.) Ontario Provincial Police detachment facility received site plan approval on August 21, 2019.

Updated October 22, 2019

6020 Winston Churchill Boulevard

Although this site did receive site plan approval on June 23, 2016 under file SP 14/164 W9,  no development has taken place.

Updated October 22, 2019

6532/6544 Winston Churchill Boulevard

Draft Plan of Subdivision and Rezoning applications to permit 20 semi-detached dwellings and 1 single detached dwelling were approved by Council on May 11, 2016. The Draft Plan of Subdivision received draft plan approval by the Planning and Building Department on June 27, 2016. The applicant is in the process of Site Plan Approval and has also submitted  subdivision agreement including engineering drawings to staff for review.

Updated October 22, 2019

2930 Erin Centre Boulevard

Retirement Home (12 Storey ) –  Schlegel Village (SP 14/065 W9) All approvals issued.

Updated October 22, 2019

Development Application:  2700 Aquitaine Avenue Update

No recent activity.

Updated October 22, 2019

This application was approved on January 20, 2017 by the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) after Council refused the initial application. The board approved development of  3 apartment buildings of 12, 9 and 7 storeys comprised of 393 new units.  With removal of 112 of the garden home units, the final number will be 616 units.   In all of the proposals and the final approved plan, the towers are joined by 4 or 5 storey podium buildings.

I am not happy with the decision nor with the development as it will set a precedent for further applications to ignore our Intensification Policies and our Official Plan.  The OMB decision shows again that the province of Ontario has taken the planning of our cities out of the hands of the elected officials and put it into the hands of an appointed body that has no connection to the community.  I am however encouraged that the province recently announced changes to the OMB that will finally put more planning control into the hands of local Councils.  Until this legislation is finalized, we will still be at the mercy of the OMB decisions.

Click here to see the final site plan.

Updated: October 1, 2019

Development Application:  6496/6508 Winston Churchill Blvd. (Meadowvale Islamic Centre)

The site plan application for the place of religious assembly was approved by the Development and Design Division on February 8, 2019. The applicable building permit (BP 18/4679) is currently under review by the Building Division and was issued April 26, 2019.

Updated October 22, 2019

You may have noticed some demolition work being done on this property.  This development is still in site plan review and until that is finalized by Planning staff no permits for building can be issued. I held a meeting in June 2017 with the applicant, consultant and local residents to review the site plan for the mosque that was approved by Council on September 21, 2015.

The site will include an 18,095.8 square foot building and parking.  I am still concerned about parking and traffic and I am working with the board and residents to find solutions.  We had a very productive meeting and resident concerns were noted and hopefully the final site plan will include changes that will have less impact on neighbouring homes.  I have no timing information to share but check back as I will post when available.

Click on the below links to see the plans submitted to the city:

Meadowvale Islamic Centre Concept Site Plan

Meadowvale Islamic Centre Elevations

Update:October 1, 2019

Proposal for Residential and Commercial Development at Erin Mills Town Centre

The City has been approached by Cushman and Wakefield to redevelop lands at the Erin Mills Town Centre located on the southeast corner of Glen Erin Drive and Hazelton Place. This is in the very early stages. On June 26, 2019 I held an open house meeting with the applicant to show the plans to the public. The plans can be viewed here.

This site is designated for mixed use in our current Official Plan and permits commercial and residential development.  The application will comply with policies that are being developed through the recent Re-Imagining the Mall process.

Updated: October 1, 2019

Council will Regulate Short-Term Accommodations 

Like many communities, Mississauga is facing an increase in the number of short term rentals (such as Airbnb) with about 650 operating at this time.  After receiving a significant amount of citizen input, Council approved By-law 131-2018 that would regulate these uses of homes.
Regulation will ensure that each unit is licensed and will enable staff to step in if there are complaints related to their operation.  Without regulation, it will be almost impossible to enforce.  In addition, we will only allow in the principal residence of the renter.  The regulations are still to be drafted and expected to be brought to us in the new year.

Updated October 1, 2019

Have Your Say About Future Development of Ninth Line Lands

These lands are the western entrance to the city and run between the 407 and Ninth Line.  I am proud that Council supported my request to purchase 207 acres (84 hectares)  of these lands form the province back in 2002 to use for recreational purposes.  Currently, all the lands south of the railway are in Ward 10 and lands to the north are still in Ward 9 including a large 16 acre (6.5 hectare) parcel owned by the city which includes the Bussell house, an historical landmark.  This work brings the long awaited 407 Transitway even closer and allow us to plan for the final greenfields in Mississauga.

The city is proposing changes to Mississauga Official Plan policies and Mississauga zoning by-Laws that will allow for the development of the Ninth Line lands. The policy changes establish a planning framework that could accommodate potentially 8,500 residents and 500 jobs along the future planned 407 Transitway.  The lands will accommodate a variety of housing types, commercial and employment uses that will be connected by a green network of trails and open spaces. The draft policies implement the Land Use Concept presented to the public in the Spring of 2017.  Click here for more information.

Updated February 7, 2018

Development Application:  Phase II of 2930 Erin Centre Blvd (Erin Meadows Seniors Village)

If you drive past Erin Centre Blvd. and Winston Churchill, you can see that the second phase of the Village of Erin Meadows is progressing well.  The 12 storey seniors’ apartment has reached full height as has the 3 storey nursing home.

This project was first zoned in 2003 and I am pleased to see it being finally completed to serve the seniors in our community.  The first phase included 180 beds for Long Term Care residents and when finished the entire complex will serve a range of seniors’ needs.

Phase 2 started when I held my Open House in November 2014 and any concerns raised were addressed at that time.  The new phase will have 267 units. To view the revised site plan please click here.

Updated:  August 31, 2017

Development Application:  Day Care Centre at Northwest corner of Winston Churchill/Britannia

This application has gone through site plan approval process and you may have noticed the sign for leasing the building for a day care centre.

This zoning permits the construction of such a facility and the only approvals required were staff approval of the site plan.

I have met with the applicant and landowner and I feel this is a good use for this property and will finish off the corner with an attractive building. The building is a two storey structure of 8,510 square feet All access will be from the existing driveways and sufficient parking is provided onsite.

I do not have any information on timing for construction.

To view the site plan click here.

To view an artists rendering of the daycare centre click here.

To view the plans for the playground click here.

Updated:  August 31, 2017

 Meadowvale Business Park Updates

Work continues on several new industrial buildings along Argentia Road.  These include the BMW parts distribution centre near Ninth Line and Weishaupt Corporation just east of Winston Churchill.  These buildings will provide more jobs for the community.  Also Conestoga Freezers is again expanding their operation.

In addition, we continue to get more office space including the Carterra buildings on Meadowpine Blvd east of Winston Churchill and the First Gulf building at Derry Rd and Argentia Rd.  Our business park continues to thrive.

Updated Sept 4, 2017

Second Units

City Council approved the Second Unit Implementation Strategy (strategy) to legalize second units in Mississauga at its meeting on July 3, 2013. The Strategy includes:

Official Plan policies

Zoning By-law regulations

Licensing requirements

An education program and

Partnerships with professional and organizations interested in second units.

Council also approved Official Plan and Zoning By-law amendments to permit second units. There is no appeal on these amendments as per recent changes to the Planning Act and therefore they are in force on the Council approval date. The licensing by-law will be brought forward to Council in September and it is anticipated that the City will be able to begin issuing licences for second units in early fall.

For more information visit: mississauga.ca/housingchoices

Updated Sept 4, 2017