Traffic Issues in Ward 9, the City and Region

Page updated July 21, 2017

UPDATE: Lisgar GO Station – Pedestrial Crossing

I received a number of requests from residents for a safe crossing on Tenth Line from the east side to the Lisgar GO station south of the tracks.

I have been working with staff to find a solution that will work in this location. Studies were done for a pedestrian signal but the warrants were far from being met as there was not sufficient pedestrian traffic to warrant installation of signals.

Traffic staff observations do not indicate a need for any further controls in this area as there are signals at Argentia and at Innisdale. In addition, unlike many other streets where pedestrians cross without signals, Tenth Line is only two lanes wide and has a low speed limit. However with the constant flow of traffic during peak hours, I understand that there may be few gaps to enable pedestrians to move across the road.

As signals are not an option, I requested a centre median (island) to be installed so that pedestrians would only need to cross one half of the road at a time. These work well in situations like this and provide a measure of safety not presently there. Click here to view the design for the median.

This was included in the 2015 budget but could not be undertaken due to other committed projects and it is now planned for the 2016 construction year which begins in spring.

This improvement will help residents who cross to and from the GO station on a regular basis.

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Community Safety Zones

These are areas that have been targeted for enforcement by Peel Regional Police. They include intersections and roads that have high incidents of speeding or traffic violations. All fines will be doubled in these zones. The areas will be clearly signed by standard provincial signage.

Zebra Striped Crosswalks

Another program I have been involved in is the implementation of the new zebra striping at crosswalks. These were installed in 2006 in pilot areas, two in Ward 9, and the results have been so positive we are expanding the use throughout the City. I have also had the Region of Peel install them along with audible and countdown signals at Erin Mills and Eglinton.