Crime Prevention

Mississauga has the distinction of being selected as the Safest City in Canada again every year since 2003. Ward 9 continues to have one of the lowest rates of crime occurrences in the City. This is because we have an excellent police service and crime prevention programs that work. Our community works together with Council and the police and these organizations to ensure that our streets are safe for everyone. Check my Meetings page to see if there are any upcoming Crime Prevention meetings in your neighbourhood. I try to hold this type of meeting a few times a year on request of local residents. if you wish to have a meeting organized for your street or neighbourhood, contact me at To check the most recent crime occurance statistics for Ward 9, click here.

Safe City Mississauga

Having been a founding director of the original Mississauga Crime Prevention Association, I am pleased to be back on the board of the newly formed Safe City Mississauga. Council established this organization to replace the MCPA as there were concerns it was not a viable organization. With a new board and executive director, I am confident that this new organization will move forward and deliver programs that will ensure Mississauga remains the most crime free city in Canada. Visit the web site at:


Although the Peel Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) Committee which was formed in 1994 and which I chaired sicne its inception, is no longer in operation, the principles we developed are still valid. This committee was responsible for producing building guidelines in various areas such as underground parking garages and schools. We also worked on guidelines for locating and lighting playgrounds.

Peel Regional Police have articles related to CPTED on their website.

Meadowvale Community Partnership

Meadowvale Community Partnership, consisting of local citizens, agencies, businesses, youth, police, city staff and educators, continues to work to provide solutions to the problems facing young people in Meadowvale. By networking with various agencies and service providers we want to ensure that young people in our community have outlets and programs to assist them in dealing with the many issues and pressures facing them in their daily lives. I continue to work with the committee to help find new programs and to implement them. This group was formed more than 10 years ago as the result of a mother in ward 9 who approached me concerned about youth violence in our schools. Together we worked with the police, local residents, businesses, schools and agencies to form the MCP. It is a prime example of how community action can make a big difference in our lives.

Meadowvale Police Station

I am very proud of the success of the Police substation in the Meadowvale Town Centre. This was the first in the Region and was such a success, the program was expanded across the region. We opened the newly expanded facility this fall beside the Meadowvale Library in the Meadowvale Town Centre. The officers and staff at the substation deserve a lot of credit for making this – Peel’s first community station – a resounding success. Community Policing was recognized by then Chief Catney as the way to move forward in policing in the Region of Peel. By working with Council, Peel region Police have expanded the force, brought back the important programs such as Police in the schools and the bike patrol in our parks. Over the past few years, we have expanded the Traffic Division and additional traffic officers added to the various local divisions.

The Dam Drop In

I continue to work to support the Dam Youth Drop-In at Meadowvale Town Centre. Regional Council continues to fund the Dam as it provides a necessary service for the many young people of Meadowvale. To learn more visit the Dam’s website.

Marijuana Grow Houses

The emergence of marijuana grow houses in our residential neighbourhoods is a growing concern to Council and Peel regional Police. These operations pose a danger to residents through threat of fire or extended criminal activities. I have been working with residents in several communities in the ward to address this issue. I have also worked with the Peel morality officers to get Council to pass a by-law that gives the police more strength as they deal this the houses. Council has asked the federal Government to join us in fighting this threat and we are also asking for the provincial justice system to be changed to help the police.

For more information on crime prevention programs visit the following sites:

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Youth Crime Watch of America
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