Ward 9 Development and Construction Updates

City crews are gearing up for the 2024 construction season.

Works include:
Roadway Rehabilitation
Pedestrian Overpass
Pedestrian Crossovers
Street Light Replacement and more

The City is planning communications to ensure residents, businesses and commuters are aware of the 2024 construction season and where to find information on construction projects. For information about planned construction works within the City, please visit the ‘Construction Map’ on the City’s website. (Link at end of post)

The following is an overview of the roads and stormwater projects planned for Ward 9 in 2024.

Roads Projects

The Roads Capital Plan includes roadway rehabilitation, major roads improvements, integrated road projects, bridge and culvert renewal, cycling infrastructure and sidewalk improvements, noise wall replacements and upgrades, intersection improvements, rapid transit studies, road safety projects, traffic signal modernization and the installation of new signals, streetlight replacements, and environmental site management projects.

Roadway Rehabilitation

The Roadway Rehabilitation program is focused on the renewal of the pavement, curb and sidewalk infrastructure within the roadway. Pavement renewal can range from resurfacing to full reconstruction of the roadway. The curbs and sidewalks may also be replaced as part of the rehabilitation project if warranted by their condition. These projects are prioritized based on citywide needs and are coordinated with other City projects, the Region of Peel, utility companies and development pressures to the extent possible and practical. The approved 2024 city-wide budget for roadway rehabilitation is $39.9 million. With the streets carried over from 2023, this year’s construction program includes 35.3 km of road surface, affecting 49 streets across the City.

The table below summarizes the streets planned for rehabilitation in Ward 9 this year.

Integrated Road Projects

The Integrated Roads Program seeks to improve the coordination of City road projects and reduce construction costs and nuisance/fatigue for local residents by bundling planned road improvement projects into a single construction project. Integrated Road Projects include a complete streets approach to the planning and design of various planned road improvements that may include pavement and structure rehabilitation, as well as pedestrian and cycling, transit, street lighting, safety, noise wall, drainage and other roadway infrastructure improvements. There is one integrated project planned in Ward 9 this year.

Bridge, Culvert and Retaining Wall Renewal

The Bridge, Culvert and Retaining Wall program focuses on structural rehabilitations and replacements. For structures over watercourses, the Stormwater Team is consulted on needs or opportunities for hydraulic improvements to reduce flooding risks. The following bridge project is planned in Ward 9 this year.

A detailed condition survey has been completed for the pedestrian overpass over Battleford Road. Detailed design work is currently underway with construction to follow, tentatively scheduled for 2025. 

Road Safety Projects

Road Safety Projects include the installation of Pedestrian Crossovers (PXO) and Traffic Calming measures. The installation of traffic calming measures requires the assessment of city roadways for traffic safety issues and the potential installation of physical measures, such as speed humps and raised pedestrian crossings. These projects often require public consultation prior to project approval. Road Safety project planned in Ward 9 this year.

Street Light Replacements

The Street Light Replacement Program addresses old streetlighting infrastructure that is in critical condition and in need of replacement. The program includes the replacement of Erindale style streetlight poles. The Erindale Style poles, which only exist in Wards 8, 9 and 11, are made of steel and buried directly in the ground. The metal poles deteriorate because of their exposure to salt and other ground minerals. The following is a list of street light pole replacement projects planned for Ward 9 this year.

The Street Light Unit is undertaking to replace all existing High Pressure Sodium (HPS) luminaires with Light Emitting Diode (LED) luminaires in underpasses throughout the City. The following locations are within Ward 9 boundaries and will be replaced with LED lighting.

Storm Sewer & Drainage Improvements

The City’s storm sewer network collects, conveys and discharges stormwater runoff. The system is comprised of linear assets such as pipes and point assets such as maintenance holes and catch basins. Projects in this program include assessment, design and implementation to maintain and renew the storm sewer network. There is one storm sewer project planned in Ward 9 this year.

Stormwater Management Facilities & Improvements

Projects in this program include the design and implementation of new Stormwater Management (SWM) facilities and retrofit of existing facilities for additional flood relief and water quality. Typical improvements include dredging and rehabilitation works to maintain infrastructure as well as water quality and quantity function. There are two stormwater management facility projects planned in

Ward 9 this year.

FYI: Peel Region Downspout Survey and Smoke Testing

As part of the Peel Region Inflow and Infiltration Remediation Strategy, the Region will be conducting downspout surveys and smoke testing in Ward 9. This work will be performed by contractor ‘Infrastructure Intelligence Services (I2S)’.

Downspout survey work includes walking down the public right-of-way (sidewalks) to survey downspouts and take inventory of any other visible drainage features on private property in an effort to document potential I/I sources to the sanitary system.

Smoke testing is a cost effective, safe, and quick method to identify connections to the sanitary sewer. The smoke test consists of blowing a harmless coloured vapour into the sanitary manholes and observing the points where the smoke exits the system. The contractors’ field staff will be contained to the sidewalk, entering data onto a tablet or field phone, and carrying information notices.

All investigations are completely external on a property, and the Contractor’s field staff will be entering the results into a tablet or field phone. Attached is map highlighting the work zone in Ward 9, and a sample Notice that will be distributed to the properties identified for the investigations. Prior to the scheduled smoke testing, field staff will deliver the Notice to impacted resident’s mailbox.

Raminder Samra
Project Manager
Public Works

Project update: Works delayed – March 2024

Please be advised this project has been delayed. Staff anticipates work to begin at the end of the March 2024. Service Disruption Signs will be posted on-site to alert when work is scheduled to begin.

As part of the City’s annual bridge program, two pedestrian bridges in Lake Aquitaine Park (P-102) are scheduled to be replaced this year as they are at the end of their lifecycle.

The project involves replacing the current pedestrian bridge and conducting site restoration. 

The existing bridge will remain open until approximately late February 2024 – early March, where it will be closed for demolition, and the installation of the new prefabricated bridge, and restoration.

We will continue to provide project updates for a more accurate bridges closure dates as they are made available.

The various locations for the new noise attenuation walls, along the west side of Erin Mills Parkway are:
• Britannia Rd to Banfield Rd;
• 320 m south of Banfield Rd.

Impacted residents will receive direct communication from Region of Peel staff. The purpose of this post is to give advance notice of the expected future work.

UPDATE: April 11, 2024: Peel Region expects access to be closed from Monday May 13th to Friday June 7th, 2024.

Peel Region will be working in your area to construct a new watermain along Meadowvale Boulevard, as shown outlined in blue on the map above. 

Construction in the area is planned to begin in January 2024 and be completed by spring/summer of 2024. These timelines are estimates, as weather and other unexpected events may impact timelines.  This work will be completed by both open cut methodology and by using an underground tunneling methodology that will not require digging trenches in certain areas.

Trenching work will be completed over a short period of time along the frontage of the dog park fence line within the road right-of-way. This contractor’s normal working hours are from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., Monday to Friday for works completed by trenching methodology. 

The tunneling portion of this project will make temporary use of the north-west parking lot of the Totoredaca Dog Park. Aboveground construction activities within the parking lot will be mainly limited to a fenced area which will provide access for the tunneling equipment to enter the tunnel.

For tunneling works, consistent 24-hour work is required of the tunneling machine to safely and efficiently complete the work. The City of Mississauga, under the Noise Bylaw, is allowing work to take place to ensure the tunneling work is property executed. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience caused by this work.

Note: Update: April 2024: Site work has resumed, and the project is progressing well.  Staff are on track to complete the project in June 2024.

Notice of Construction Activities: Erin Meadows Community Centre and Library Outdoor Redevelopment

Construction is underway at Erin Meadows CC and Library to redevelop the aging landscape fronting the corner of Erin Centre Boulevard and Glen Erin Drive. The project aims to improve pedestrian circulation, views and flexible use space. Project completion is targeted for Summer 2024.

The following improvements are included:

  • Entrance Sign
  • New paving and improved walkway connections
  • Planting enhancements
  • Pedestrian lighting improvements
  • Artificial turf flexible space
  • Seating improvements
  • Sensory Garden Planters

Aquitaine Avenue Road Safety Improvement Pilot Project Update

The City of Mississauga is proceeding with the installation of the Aquitaine Avenue Road Safety Improvement Pilot Project. The pilot project will focus on changing the current four lanes to three lanes. This traffic calming measure will help increase the comfort, accessibility and safety for all road users, including cyclists, pedestrians and drivers. It will also help reduce speeding on the roadway by narrowing the road and help keep traffic at a slower speed.

As part of the pilot, on-road protected bike lanes, dedicated vehicle parking lanes and a dedicated centre/left turn lanes will be added on various sections of Aquitaine Avenue.

Installation will occur immediately, with the removal of existing pavement markings, and installation of new pavement markings and bike lane separation flex-posts and signage. Work will mostly occur during regular construction hours (7 am to 7 pm) and there may be some quieter work happening later or overnight if required.

Argentia Road Cycle Tracks

The City is constructing cycle tracks on Argentia Road to increase comfort, accessibility and safety for all road users.

The City of Mississauga is constructing cycle tracks on Argentia Road, from Tenth Line West to the intersection east of Winston Churchill Boulevard and a multi-use trail on the east side of Winston Churchill Boulevard from Argentia Road to north of Crosscurrent Drive.

Cycle tracks are separate and raised lanes for bicycles, e-bikes and e-scooters. The cycle tracks and oder road enhances will:

Increase safety and comfort of all road users
Provide more transportation options to travel throughout the city
Connect to the existing bike lanes west of Tenth Line West
Connect to protected bike lanes under construction east of Winston Church Boulevard

Construction is currently in progress, and expected to be complete by the end of 2023. Some minor additional work will be done in 2024.

If you have any questions about this project, please contact the Field Ambassador at: Capital.FieldAmbassador@mississauga.ca

Corner Radii and Truck Aprons

Did you know, the red concrete areas on the corner of Argentia Road and Winston Churchill Boulevard are called “truck aprons”? These are a road safety element that creates a buffer between turning vehicles and pedestrians/cyclists, and slows down cars making a right turn. Pedestrians and cyclists should stay off the apron, except when crossing the road. Cars should not mount onto the apron, and stay on the asphalt roadway when turning. The rear wheels of trucks and larger vehicles may mount onto the apron, as trucks make wider turns.

Most collisions between pedestrians/cyclists and motor vehicles at intersections occur with right turning vehicles failing to yield to pedestrians/cyclists in a crosswalk/crossride. The faster a vehicle is turning, the less likely it is to yield, and the more serious the collision. Truck aprons reduce the corner radius for cars, which makes cars take the turn more slowly, and keeps them farther away from pedestrians and cyclists waiting to cross.

Note that the crosswalks markings do still need to be slightly moved back to line up with the crossing locations. As well, the cyclist crossing markings need to be installed. This should occur in May 2024, as the permanent markings require steady warmer temperatures for installation.

The City’s constructing a new fire station at Tenth Line and Aquitaine Avenue to serve Ward 9 and the surrounding neighbourhoods. This project will also include the relocation of Union Park’s leash-free zone to allow for the development of this new building. 

Feb. 1, 2024 Update: Construction of Fire Station 125 at Union Park remains on target. Construction is expected to be completed later this Spring. I’m so excited to see this amazing facility in W9.