Coyotes & online reporting tool

As Mississauga is home to Eastern Coyotes, it’s not uncommon to see them walking on City roads and sidewalks and lazing around in park spaces. Use our interactive coyote map to check if there have been any recent sightings in your neighbourhood. If you encounter or notice a coyote in your area, report it online. You can also learn more about how the City responds to coyote incidents.


A few seconds……that’s how long it takes the average burglar to get into a house.

Most people will rely on a lock or some other device for their home security. This can be a short-sighted strategy, if you leave the impression that nobody is home or otherwise draw a criminal onto your property by presenting opportunities. Your best strategy for home security starts with going back to the basics.


The Home Security Challenge was developed to give you an indication of the level of security in your home.  Take the challenge and learn how a little time, effort and money can greatly improve your peace of mind in and around your home.  

Taking Action Against Graffiti: Why You Should Report It

Safe City Mississauga repost:
Graffiti may seem like a minor issue, but it has a more significant impact on our communities than meets the eye. Reporting graffiti is an essential step that every everyday person can take to contribute to the well-being and vibrancy of our neighborhoods. Here’s why you should consider reporting graffiti:

1. Preserve Community Pride: Graffiti can quickly make an area look neglected and run-down. By reporting it, you’re helping to maintain a sense of pride in your community. Clean streets and buildings reflect a collective commitment to a better living environment.
2. Deter Criminal Activity: Graffiti often attracts more graffiti and other criminal activities. By reporting it promptly, you’re sending a message that your community is vigilant and does not tolerate destructive behavior.
3. Protect Property Values: Property values are closely tied to the overall appearance and safety of a neighborhood. Reporting graffiti helps protect property values, ensuring that your investment in your home remains strong.
4. Enhance Safety: Some graffiti may convey messages that incite violence or hatred. Reporting such graffiti helps ensure a safer environment for everyone, especially children who may be exposed to harmful content.
5. Support Local Businesses: Graffiti can deter customers and harm local businesses. By reporting it, you’re contributing to a more welcoming atmosphere for local shops and restaurants, which, in turn, benefits the community.
6. Fiscal Responsibility: Removing graffiti costs money, and these expenses often fall on taxpayers. Reporting graffiti promptly can help local authorities allocate resources more efficiently, saving taxpayer dollars.
7. Encourage Community Engagement: Reporting graffiti fosters a sense of community engagement. It shows that residents care about the appearance and safety of their neighborhoods, encouraging others to get involved as well.
8. Positive Influence: By taking action against graffiti, you become a positive influence in your community. Others may follow your lead, and together, you can work towards a cleaner and more vibrant neighborhood.
9. Law Enforcement Support: Law enforcement agencies rely on the eyes and ears of the community to address issues like graffiti.
10. Be Part of the Solution: Reporting graffiti empowers you to be part of the solution, actively contributing to a better, more attractive, and safer community. Your actions can inspire positive change and set an example for others.

Reporting graffiti is not just a responsibility; it’s an opportunity to make a tangible difference in your community. It’s a simple yet powerful act that can help create a more beautiful, safer, and more vibrant neighborhood for you, your family, and your neighbors to enjoy.  

Roots Community Services Youth Mentoring Program – Developing Black Leaders of Tomorrow
Looking for Mentors and Mentorees!
The Black Leaders of Tomorrow (BLT) program is a business mentoring program for Black youth who wish to embark on the journey of becoming business professionals. It also caters to Black youth who have already begun their journey to entrepreneurship and wish to reap the benefits of having a mentor.
This engaging initiative offers the opportunity for Black youth (mentees) to be mentored by a seasoned professional who supports them in developing business and professional skills. Mentees develop the skills that they need to succeed as professionals, learning how to attract investors and gain access to capital.
Mentees attend innovative workshops and group meetups and hone their business and personal skills while having access to a supportive network. Embedded within the BLT program is an understanding of Black cultural identity and what it means to navigate the business world as an individual who identifies as Black.
Contact Tasha at 905-455-6789 ext. 118 , or Nikko at 905-455-6789 ext. 113 , or by email

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Achēv connects job seekers and employers. Achēv offers job search support, interview and resume-building seminars and programs to help people find jobs. For employers, Achēv offers job fairs, and recruitment and retention services. Services are FREE.
Achēv offers free employment, newcomer settlement, youth, women’s, inclusion & language assessment services under one roof. We are one of the largest non-profit employment service providers in the GTA, helping 100,000 people and 3,600 businesses each year.